Keep Off The Freedom Circle Scam: A Review


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  • Verdict: 100% Scam Stay Away
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What is the Freedom Circle Software? Is the Freedom Circle Software by Kyle Stanford a Scam? Well, according to their website, the Freedom Circle Software is a professional Binary options trading robot that is capable of making you over $74,000 every month. But is this really true? Read on to find out.

The Freedom Circle website is run by some of the well-known fraudsters in the internet. In fact, our facts are undeniable in regards to the Freedom Circle Software. It’s a rather suspicious trading robot offered by the non-existent professor Kyle Stanford, who we also find hard to believe owing to his unrealistic promises used to promote the system. Continue Reading

The Lazy Millionaire System Review – Scam Stay Away!!

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Is it possible to become a millionaire while being lazy? The Lazy Millionaire system would you like you to believe so, but unfortunately, this isn’t a likely outcome. While it possible that some millionaires happened onto their fortunes by luck or without any work, most of them worked long and hard to amass their wealth. Continue Reading

Ryan Jackson Traders Revenge Review – Pure Scam!!


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Ryan Jackson has released a new product according to Traders-Revenge’s page. It sounds like something you might be interested in of course.

Let’s take a look at this product and see if it has value or not.

Is this a scam or something you can get behind and start using for your trading journey? This is the question you are going to have for any product in this industry, and that is a good mindset going into this search.

You always want to be aware. This review will present you with the facts in this read. Continue Reading

Opteck Review: is it a Scam, Should You Consider It?


  • Broker: Opteck 
  • Website URL:
  • Support Number: +44 2081669895
  • Minimum 1st Deposit:  $250 
  • Minimum Trade Amount $25
  • Payout: 85%
  • Free Demo Account: Open Demo
  • Overall Score 7.1/10

Opteck is a binary options broker that was established back in 2011. Since its creation, Opteck has become a leading binary options broker used by over 40,000 traders globally. The broker has its clients as the top priority and is regulated by CySEC. Opteck has gone to great lengths to ensure that trading binary options is done easily, smoothly, and securely. Continue Reading

Porter Finance Review


  • Broker: Porter Finance
  • Website URL:
  • Support Number: (646) 693-4074
  • Minimum 1st Deposit: $200 
  • Minimum Trade Amount $5
  • Payout: 83%
  • Free Demo Account: Open Demo
  • Overall Score 8.1/10

Established in 2014, Porter Finance is a relatively new binary options broker but within a very short period, it has made great strides to prove itself as a great partner for trading binary options. Traders from all over the world (except Turkey and US) are impressed by the services and features it provides investors. Continue Reading

NADEX Review: Should You Try It?


  • Broker:  NADEX
  • Website URL:
  • Support Number:  +1 312 884 0100
  • Minimum 1st Deposit:  $250 
  • Minimum Trade Amount $24
  • Payout: 90%
  • Free Demo Account: Open Demo
  • Overall Score 9.5/10

NADEX is an abbreviation for the North American Derivatives Exchange. NADEX is the only fully regulated binary options exchange in the US. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has designated NADEX as a Contract Market and Derivatives Clearing Organization. This means that NADEX is regulated by probably the strictest government regulatory bodies in the world.

NADEX operates from its Chicago, IL office as a US company and its address is listed as Suite 2675 of 311 South Wacker Drive. It is owned by the IG Group, which is the largest spread betting firm in the UK. Continue Reading

Compound Trader Review – Is A Scam – Stay Away!

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  • Verdict: 100% Scam Stay Away.
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Compound Trader is the latest automated binary options trading software to hit the market. However, our research shows that it is the latest in the long list of automated trading solutions that are being marketed only for luring unsuspecting traders in to parting with their hard earned money. If you have come across advertisements or emails promoting this auto trader and want to know more about this software, you have come to the right place. In this review, we will show you why you should stay away from this system as it’s just another scam in the binary options trading space.

Unknown Presenter


One of the first things you notice about this software is the presenter on the sales video. Dr Albert Henderson claims to be an Assistant Professor but does not specify his field of study or his profession or why he’s offering this auto trader. In simple terms, no information is provided in the video regarding the background of the presenter and the success he has achieved using this software. The only thing we know about the software is the claims made by Dr Albert Henderson and there is absolutely no proof provided in the sales video. Continue Reading

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