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Compound Trader Review – Is A Scam – Stay Away!

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Compound Trader is the latest automated binary options trading software to hit the market. However, our research shows that it is the latest in the long list of automated trading solutions that are being marketed only for luring unsuspecting traders in to parting with their hard earned money. If you have come across advertisements or emails promoting this auto trader and want to know more about this software, you have come to the right place. In this review, we will show you why you should stay away from this system as it’s just another scam in the binary options trading space.

Unknown Presenter


One of the first things you notice about this software is the presenter on the sales video. Dr Albert Henderson claims to be an Assistant Professor but does not specify his field of study or his profession or why he’s offering this auto trader. In simple terms, no information is provided in the video regarding the background of the presenter and the success he has achieved using this software. The only thing we know about the software is the claims made by Dr Albert Henderson and there is absolutely no proof provided in the sales video. Continue Reading

Mobile Binary Code Review: Proper Trading System Or Sleazy Scam?


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The dream of an effective automated binary options trader continues to bring in people from all backgrounds who want a piece of the massive amount of wealth being created in world economies right now. The idea is great: find a reliable system created from traders, mathematicians, and programmers who are smarter than you, trust their expert level work, and put in an initial investment that rakes in the profits.

This is a great idea, but in the world of binary options it is a sales pitch that turns out to be a scam far more often than an actual solid piece of software. So where does Mobile Binary Code fall? Unfortunately all signs strongly point to this being another money sucking scam that makes money solely for the charlatans pawning it off on unsuspecting hopeful buyers. Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide To Binary Options Trading

binary-options-scamsTrading in binary options is an increasingly popular form of investment. At its heart, it involves trying to predict how the prices of certain assets (including stocks, indices, Forex currencies, and commodities) will change in the future. The name for binary trading comes from the simple yes/no outcome of the predictions involved.

Within a fixed amount of time, an asset’s value is only going to go up or down. The job of the binary trader is to predict which way the value is going to move. Every binary trade is a prediction on whether an individual asset will be worth more or less when the time frame in question comes to an end.

Since binary trading is a form of investment, traders need to back up their predictions with a financial commitment. Successful predictions earn a trader his or her money back along with a slice of profit in the form of a commission.

This page will teach you the basics of binary options trading.

As noted above, every trade on a binary option boils down to forecasting the way a given asset’s value will move in the future — up or down. Besides lending a name to this form of trading, this “yes or no” system also means that the long-term success ratio for a trader operating without any sort of strategy in place will come out close to the break even point of 50 percent. (Functionally, the random trader’s success rate will be somewhat lower due to payout rates. Continue Reading