Review Of Cobalt Code


Feeling excited about the idea of binary options? Feel it has the potential to change your life once and for all? This attitude is great and will prove useful in the long-run, but what about the software options available ready to assist you in this journey.

Some are good and others not so much.

Cobalt Code is the focus of this review. This is a software option that has been marketed in recent times as a meaningful option for those who want to get started as soon as possible.

Does it do a good job or is it a real scam? This review will shed light on the matter in detail.


  • Free To Use And Download
  • Provides Assistance With Automated Trades
  • Live Binary Signals Are Provided
  • All Currency Pairs Can Be Traded
  • Fully Automated Trading System
  • Simple Interface For All Devices
  • Earn Over $15,000 A Day
  • Created By Grant Stone
  • 1.5% Commission On All Trades
  • Backed By 7000 Beta Testers
  • No Experience Is Required To Run Software

Fake Founder

Grant Stone is the founder with an in-depth story as to how he got to this position and why he made “Cobalt Code”. It sounds nice and he seems passionate about what he is doing. You start to fall for his words slowly and that is exactly what the goal is of this marketing gimmick.

Grant-Stone -cobalt-code

The idea is to present a founder that is believable.

Upon further research, there is no person named Grant Stone and everything he says does not check out. This should immediately showcase the shady qualities of Cobalt Code and the people behind it.

Bold Claims

Let’s move onto the claims. The first thing you are going to see on the site is a claim of how much you can earn per day. Surprisingly, this is a moving figure which makes it even funnier for those who can see right through it. People from different parts of the world state sometimes they see “you can earn $17000” and other days they’ll see “you can earn $7000 a day”.

It is always changing around.

The idea is to entice you with large figures and make it seem possible. it is not.

Affiliated Broker With Upfront Payment Needed

This is where they are going to get a hand on your money and run away. The goal is to have you invest into the broker account. This broker itself does not check out, so you are now putting your money towards people who are not the real deal at all.

The broker is supposed to take your money and get the trading process started. It is supposed to be fully automated. Well, as soon as you put in the money, they take it and run. There is no trading to be done. You will be out $250.

Unknown “Beta Testers”


What about the beta testers the founder claims to have contacted and sought reviews from? They state over 7000 beta testers have gone through the system and made trades with great success. Well, sure this could have been true if we were to be kind to them, but where are the reports?

Where is the tangible evidence to show what these beta testers found out?

It is clear they are making up facts and peddling them as the truth in order to get people to believe what is being said. It is a clear way of ensuring people feel they are joining in on something that has already been used. It is simply a means to comfort the target market and nothing else.

Empty Software

Let’s be honest with what is presented to any user that signs up with Colbat Code. It is a real disaster.

The software is essentially nothing because it is being used as a funnelling option. What does this mean for those who are not sure? The funnelling aspect involves the idea of driving in people with the pretense of automated software and then grabbing money from them (via the first investment).

It is a sneaky way of getting money, but the empty software you are going to see will say it all as soon as you get a peek. It is a clear money grab.

Only Accessible Online

Those who are thinking about using this software and assume it is going to provide value will be in for a shock immediately. The emptiness of this software won’t even be on your mind at this point because you won’t be able to get in! The software requires you to be online at all times to gain access.

This says it all about how poorly designed the software is even if it was supposed to work.

It is shocking to see such options being peddled into the market as a quality choice for consumers.

Follows Similar Template To Other Scams

The Virtual world is littered with similar scams, and if traced back, they are all interconnected one way or another. Most of these scams understand what gullible members of the industry fall for. They use the same cookie-cutter methods to attract people.

Cobalt Code does the same thing, and it is saddening to see.

The wild claims, fake videos, connections to big brands, and select few spots are all signs of a scam. Somehow they continue to pop up again and again for such reviews to be written about them. Cobalt Code fits the bill of a scam, and it is that template which says it all.

Concluding Thoughts

There are legitimate software options in the market, but this is not one of them.

It is a scam.


Please do not go ahead and invest. It is a waste of time, and the founders behind this product have established a net of sorts to trap people with and it should not be allowed to work.

It is recommended to not only stay away from a product such as this but let everyone in the community know about Cobalt Code as well.

It is a disaster of the highest order when it comes to binary options trading.

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