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Compound Trader is the latest automated binary options trading software to hit the market. However, our research shows that it is the latest in the long list of automated trading solutions that are being marketed only for luring unsuspecting traders in to parting with their hard earned money. If you have come across advertisements or emails promoting this auto trader and want to know more about this software, you have come to the right place. In this review, we will show you why you should stay away from this system as it’s just another scam in the binary options trading space.

Unknown Presenter


One of the first things you notice about this software is the presenter on the sales video. Dr Albert Henderson claims to be an Assistant Professor but does not specify his field of study or his profession or why he’s offering this auto trader. In simple terms, no information is provided in the video regarding the background of the presenter and the success he has achieved using this software. The only thing we know about the software is the claims made by Dr Albert Henderson and there is absolutely no proof provided in the sales video.

No Information on How It Works

Another red flag is that the presenter never tells us how this auto trader works. He makes a lot of claims and uses a lot of complicated words to confuse unsuspecting traders but it is never clarified how the system actually works. The only information provided in the sales video is that the software somehow finds two winning trades and uses the trend of these winning trades to place orders.

Also, it is claimed that the software is able to make thousands of dollars each hour by reinvesting profits made from the earlier trades into new trades. It is claimed that this software is capable of generating up to $5000 per hour. In fact, it is also claimed that this software does not initiate any losing trades. There is no software in the world that is capable of always generating profitable trades. Any software creator making this claim is a scam of and is only looking to scam people out of their hard earned money.

Even the brightest and biggest fund managers continue to make mistakes when it comes to investing money.

Domain Registration Date

In the sales video, it is claimed that they have been working on this software for over seven years and have perfected the formula to make money by finding winning trades. However, a cursory search on the domain registration date shows that this domain was registered on July 14, 2016 which makes their claim doubtful.


If they have been working on the software for over seven years, the domain should be at least a few years old. Since the domain has been registered only in July 2016, it clearly shows that they are trying to lure in unsuspecting traders by making false claims.

High Pressure Sales Tactics

Another thing that clearly shows that this auto trader software is a scam is the fact that Dr Henderson uses high-pressure sales tactics such as showing images of exotic holiday locations, big houses, luxury cars and other such things to force unsuspecting traders to sign up. He repeatedly tries to convince the viewers to register by submitting their name and e-mail.

Once you submit the name and e-mail, you are required to provide your contact number. On the next page, a false scarcity tactic is used to force the traders to register within 10 min to get access to the software. However, anybody can go on to their website and register for the software as many times as they want, even after the timer is over. This clearly shows that this is a high-pressure sales tactic which is being used to create artificial scarcity in the minds of the viewers to get their contact information.

No Evidence

You will agree that if there was a software that was making so much money for the users and creators, there will be some information regarding the software out there on the Internet. However, a cursory search on search engines shows that there is absolutely no information regarding the software online. Lack of information and evidence online suggests that the claims made by the creator of this software are made up stories. Also, the images used in the presentation are stock images that are used in thousands of other presentations and websites which also shows that they are making up stories to get sign ups.

False Testimonials

There are quite a few testimonials present on their sales page but those testimonials seem to be fake as the users who have given testimonials are not linked to any platform such as Twitter or Facebook. All the users claim that they have been making hundreds to thousands of dollars on a daily basis but none of them has posted any proof.

Free Software

Another thing that shows this software is a complete scam is the fact that they are giving the software for free. Usually, software is given for free only when the seller of the software wants you to sign up with only their recommended brokers. These recommended brokers pass on huge commissions to the sellers whenever a user makes a deposit. There have been dozens of such software launches that are just a way to connect to a particular broker and the software does nothing in terms of making winning trades.



Overall, Compound Trader is a complete scam and it is recommended to stay away from it. However, this does not mean that you cannot get rich by trading binary options. Binary options have the potential to make a lot of money provided you choose the right software and service for trading.

We have been testing a number of services as well as other software systems to help our readers choose the right service and software to make money with binary options trading. So, stay away from this system and subscribe to our blog to get the latest reviews and news in the binary options trading space.


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