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What is the Freedom Circle Software? Is the Freedom Circle Software by Kyle Stanford a Scam? Well, according to their website, the Freedom Circle Software is a professional Binary options trading robot that is capable of making you over $74,000 every month. But is this really true? Read on to find out.

The Freedom Circle website is run by some of the well-known fraudsters in the internet. In fact, our facts are undeniable in regards to the Freedom Circle Software. It’s a rather suspicious trading robot offered by the non-existent professor Kyle Stanford, who we also find hard to believe owing to his unrealistic promises used to promote the system.

The system is already becoming quite popular due to the heavy marketing by email marketers on traders and other investors. Our Freedom Circle Software review will reveal to you the evil that goes on in this system; to protect you from wasting your time hoping to achieve the stated results.

Why is Freedom Circle Software a SCAM?

In the Freedom Circle website, the presentation done is synonymous with the usual presentations done by scam artists, who are often looking to lure unsuspecting investors into their fishy deals. The different kinds of imaginary stories used are there to help the person behind the system drain as much money from your trading account as you deposit.

Details About the CEO – Kyle Stanford


A simple google images search will prove that the alleged economics professor: Kyle Stanford is just nothing but a voice narrator, with no business in the binary options industry; and is just there to scam innocent traders. We couldn’t find any information relating to his career, or even the schools he has taught in. the few spun reviews we came across on Google relate him to Freedom Circle, and not at all his ex-professor career. Why is it that no one talks about his past track record or career? Simply because the man is an actor, and all he says is made up. He understands the psychology of new traders, and a successful career in economics is an effective way to carry them away.

The Freedom Circle Software Scam

Additionally, his shady Freedom Circle Software is meant to exploit a loophole found within the Federal Reserves through which traders could make $5,000 a day. The alleged Yale University’s ex-economics professor promises that his system will turn $1 into $1361 every 30 minutes. He adds that the system has a staggering 99.8% accuracy ratio, and it has made him over $90 million in just 90 days, and has converted 178 ordinary people into millionaires.

That said, we checked the details of the domain name, which revealed that was actually registered on 04-25-2016 (2 months ago). This totally trumps the claim that the system converted 178 people into millionaires in the last 90 days. How come the said people used this website 3 months ago while the website was inexistent? Besides, every person who’s well knowledgeable about the binary options (or any other financial industry) will tell you that becoming a millionaire in the industry is a goal that won’t happen soon.

Still on the website, it’s evident that the website has a fake scarcity scenario, which prompts traders to join in large numbers. They claim that the software gets over 300 signups in as little time as 30 seconds. This is something we can’t believe simply because there is no proof. Also, the expiry time has already elapsed, and people can still sign up by simply refreshing the homepage. Could it be a bug? Well, they should have realized by now that more people are still signing up, and since they do nothing about it, would it be wrong to admit that the scam Freedom Circle website isn’t serious about the countdown timers? They are just trying to create fake demand, be warned.

The Freedom Circle Software website contains a lot of misleading information and outright lies, with hired actors to manipulate you into falling for this scam. Their goal is to entice as many traders as possible by revealing their bogus stories of making thousands of dollars every day with this automated robot; so that they can steal from them collectively. It’s quite obvious that they aren’t offering sufficient information to support the Federal Reserve thing. For this reason, this statement should be treated with a lot of suspicion.

Phony Testimonials


The Freedom Circle and their marketing team fill up their website with fake reviews and testimonials to help smoothen their act. All efforts to contact the people who wrote these things were futile, which could prove that the reviews and testimonials are faked. Real testimonials are usually written from real social media pages. However, for those who claim to be members of this system, things are totally different. The social feed put at the bottom of the webpage are made using cheap software.

We can’t bank on these until they can prove that these are real people who took their time to write their honest opinions about the Freedom Circle Software. It’s important to mention that just like many other scams in the internet, Freedom Circle hired actors from Fiverr for $5 to have them lie in front of the camera and create a good image about the software on the website. Reputable, fully licensed and regulated companies don’t need to pay for such testimonials, and would rather provide genuine user’s testimony.

Final Word

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, often as soon as they can, and it’s not hard to imagine why. However, let’s face it; no one will give you free money for doing nothing. The auto-pilot trading feature is misleading and very risky, keeping in mind that both the Freedom Circle and the broker they recommend don’t have a reputation. Keep off this scam.

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