Mobile Binary Code Review: Proper Trading System Or Sleazy Scam?


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The dream of an effective automated binary options trader continues to bring in people from all backgrounds who want a piece of the massive amount of wealth being created in world economies right now. The idea is great: find a reliable system created from traders, mathematicians, and programmers who are smarter than you, trust their expert level work, and put in an initial investment that rakes in the profits.

This is a great idea, but in the world of binary options it is a sales pitch that turns out to be a scam far more often than an actual solid piece of software. So where does Mobile Binary Code fall? Unfortunately all signs strongly point to this being another money sucking scam that makes money solely for the charlatans pawning it off on unsuspecting hopeful buyers.

So What Is Mobile Binary Code?

The Mobile Binary Code is an automated binary options trading software supposedly introduced by Howard Kessler. In theory this software is supposed to allow you to make a deposit and then simply allow the software to make trades for you with the result being “unstoppable” profits.

The truth isn’t nearly so rosy based on what we are seeing.

Who Is Howard Kessler?

According to the videos the individual talking to you about the system is Howard Kessler and he is a veteran of the financial world who is sick of the same 1% always getting the profits but now he claims that there is a “mobile technology” glitch allows people to take advantage of it and trade effortlessly without having to know a single thing about binary options, trends and counter trends, or how to trade the market. The software does it for you and he’s sharing this out of the goodness of his heart, right?


Well he said the same thing as Larry Landers at Profits Unlimited. One look at their scam of an automated trading software and you will see the same man making claims, this time as Larry. Can you say paid actor? The fact that they’re not even bothering to hire a new actor for a new program just oozes the type of sliminess you don’t want when looking to invest your hard earned money in any type of a trading program.

The Identity Issue Gets Even Worse

Assuming you would even give the benefit of the doubt at this point, you shouldn’t but let’s just say for the sake of argument you did anyway, one thing that needs to be pointed out is that the name Howard Kessler, and the company MBC Capital, are real. If you Google the names and just glance at the results, this is going to look extremely legitimate complete with long successful history full page 1 and 2 rankings and more.


This is where this scam is especially onerous. The Howard Kessler in this video and the one with decades of experience and a clean record in finance are not the same person. Likewise, the MBC Capital that is associated with the “other” Howard Kessler is NOT the same MBC Capital that is associated with this binary options trading software.

You can’t believe in that level of coincidence and this is not the type of practice that anyone above board would try. That’s the old method of trying to sell snake oil under someone else’s good name and reputation and hope no one noticed.

Do Any Of These Claims Hold Water?

The claims that come with Mobile Binary Code don’t hold up, either. Even extremely talented binary options traders rarely make thousands in a day unless they’re putting up huge bets, and most brokers don’t allow that level of trading per bet since they need to protect their own interests, as well.

The only other place to find the name Howard Kessler associated with the Mobile Binary Code software is on their own sales pages, which as we’ve already noted the video displays a paid actor, not the true individual that he is claiming to be.


Toss in the fact that mobile technology doesn’t affect how markets work, really doesn’t have anything with how markets work, and the entire foundation of this trading system becomes extremely dubious right off the bat.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Except When They Are Lies

The aggressive pop ups, hard selling sales ads, and the mathematically improbably (if not outright impossible) numbers don’t lie. If the system worked this well billionaires would use it to lap up every spare cent in the world. While there are good systems out there, any time you’re seeing money claims like this without a lot of information on how it’s done other than “you will learn this secret” are usually clear red flags that something is amiss and you should be very careful with your money at that point.

Save Your Money – Don’t Get Scammed!

We understand – everyone wants to find that golden piece of software that will help them trade markets that seem too complex and volatile and to finally come out ahead for an enjoyable retirement after too many years of getting underpaid and overworked. However, you can’t let that get in the way of common sense or let that feeling get in the way of good judgment. When you have so many obvious red flags you need to pay heed to them and make sure you avoid those scams and save your money for something that works.

So the final verdict on MBC? Pass on it. This has all the hallmarks of a scam, even down to using the same actor, some of the same props, and the same video sales letter format as other automated trading programs that have long since been exposed as frauds and scams. Don’t fall victim to another one. NO matter how good the empty promises are in these sales videos or how good they sound remember that they are just that: empty promises.


Save your money and look for a better system that actually works.

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