NavStar Trader: Reviewing This Scam

Why This Article On NavStar Trader?


This article is to warn the public and those who are looking for a trading program that can help them be successful. Too often, companies like NavStar Trader come along and promise the world to neophyte traders who eat up their entire sales pitch. Our goal with this article is to elucidate you on why the NavStar Trader system isn’t any good and why it will not make you rich.

The first thing that we have to say is that the NavStar Trader system is awful for many technical reasons that are not mathematically sound. The win-rate that they suggest is ridiculous, the idea that a black-box system that is open to just about anyone is fool’s gold in its finest form. The truth being that a black box system that could produce the results that they claim would likely take hiring the best mathematicians and quants, and it would be worth at least 12 million dollars based on the win-rate that they promise. Why are the giving a way their 12 million dollar system for pennies?

What NavStar Trader Promises?

NavStar trader promises the mountains and the sea. One promise that they make is that you can easily earn around $900 an hour and 20k in one day. They also promise that they just need 24 more people to fill their 50 spots, yet this is the same message that they basically have every time you visit their site. So is no one signing up or do they never help anyone? They make too many promises but never show any proof of anyone having success with their program. Are there any third party sites, magazines or financial shows that can prove that their program works? If there is I haven’t found them! Why don’t they have this form of proof? It really does make you wonder if they are being honest or not.


Black box trading rarely works and when it does work it looks nothing like the autotrading system that NavStar offers. Set and forget trading that makes you over $900 an hour? No, it just doesn’t work like that. Think about some of the popular trend trading strategies that have been hugely successful. Many of them can be programmed to auto-trade the markets but they just aren’t going to consistently give you the returns that NavStar suggests. They are more ebb and flow with times where they actually lose money. NavStar pretends that they can always stop their system so that it doesn’t have big losses– In their world it is all big wins everyday and no losses. They are the unicorn of trading systems and should be avoided. Unless you love fantasy and broken promises, this is not a system that is worth your time. You are better off learning thing on your own or finding a more reputable training course. You could study automated training on your own or find software that actually works but that is base on your won level of skill. Do not be trapped into looking for impossibly easy solutions that your inner voice has to know is wrong and a lie.

Why NavStar Is An Awful Idea

NavStar is an awful idea because they sell you lead while representing it as gold. It is fool’s gold. You are expected to believe that all you need to do is sign up for their program and that their auto-trader will rank in money for you. Does that even sound right? Why would they share that with anyone? Why not just make billions of dollars and end hunger and poverty if they really has an interest in “helping” people! Why aren’t they setting up 24 people in poor countries to use their auto-trading program to help them? The truth is that they are just out to make money and nothing more, which is fine, I’m a capitalist and love when people start businesses and make money— I just don’t like it when they lie and claim that the goal is to help people. If they would lie about this, then what else about their trading system are they lying about?

NavStar Is Too Good To Be True

It really is just too good to be true. The creator is stepping into the helpful guru trope that internet marketers have been using for the longest time. Look at my success, I’m so rich than now I want to make other people as rich as me. I have this secret trading bot that can auto trade binary options and make you money. Truthfully, what have you seen that is worth your time in life that requires no effort, that is automatic and that will make you rich? This is simply too good to be true and you should stay away. When it sounds way too good to be true, then it typically is. What I hate is that they actually give automated trading a bad name and associated unrealistic returns with it. I fear that their marketing will completely turn people against automated trading.

How Real Traders Make Money

So, these one button, auto-trader, do nothing systems are all a lie. Blackbox trading simply doesn’t work and it definitely doesn’t guarantee you 20k a day like NavStar promises. What real successful traders do is work hard on their craft. They learn everything about the market that they are trading. Professional binary option traders know all the probabilities, the math, the underlying assets, they follow the charts and the fundamental factors that influence the price of the asset that they are trading. They do not simply depend on magical software to turn them into a good trader. Sure, there are forms of software trading that works, Dunn Capital is a huge fund that uses automated trading but they won’t promise you the world! They will tell you that there will be down months, down years, draw downs and whip saws in the market but in the long run there over 40 years of running their program they have been successful! If a company who manages over 100 million in capital, who requires investors to at least pony up $100,000 won’t and can’t promise you the endless flow of money that NavStar trader does, then what do you really think about the claims of NavStar?

Binary Options Are Great

Binary options are personally my favorite market to trade. I especially love trading it on reputable US brokers who are exchange traded and regulated. Binary options are great because they give you so many ways to make money. They allow you to make money even if the market doesn’t move that much. They allow you to collect premium, to scalp, to make money when price stays at a level, trades above or under a level. It doesn’t call for extreme precision to earn money. Binaries are extremely newbie friendly but you must spend time learning about them. You need to learn how options work and how to read a price chart. If you can do those two things, you will make money.

So, you can see that we are not fans of NavStar because they promise too much and deliver too little. We see that system to be a scam designed to draw in newbies who do not know any better. We suggest that you focus on the skill of trading the markets and if you are interested in automated trading that you look into more sound systems and hopefully systems where you can created your own trading strategies.


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