The Profit Hack Binary Bot Review: Is Profit Hack A Scam?

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Binary options really are the current “Wild West” of the trading world. There is opportunity for major profits wherever you turn, so many different ways to go about making that profit, and also unfortunately a lot of scams out there looking to separate hard working individuals from their money. Binary options aren’t a scam in and of themselves.

They are just another way of trading the many very active markets that are out there. There are even automated trading options that can help guide inexperienced traders towards better returns, but this is where many scammers come in with a so called miracle system that is supposedly fool proof but only makes the scammers hacking the product any money.

So what about Profit Hack Binary Bot? Is this one of the programs that holds up to scrutiny, or is it another one that fails to deliver anything but disappointment to trusting buyers?

What Is The Profit Hack?

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Mobile Binary Code Review: Proper Trading System Or Sleazy Scam?


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The dream of an effective automated binary options trader continues to bring in people from all backgrounds who want a piece of the massive amount of wealth being created in world economies right now. The idea is great: find a reliable system created from traders, mathematicians, and programmers who are smarter than you, trust their expert level work, and put in an initial investment that rakes in the profits.

This is a great idea, but in the world of binary options it is a sales pitch that turns out to be a scam far more often than an actual solid piece of software. So where does Mobile Binary Code fall? Unfortunately all signs strongly point to this being another money sucking scam that makes money solely for the charlatans pawning it off on unsuspecting hopeful buyers. Continue Reading

Tim Stafford Cash Formula is A Scam? Review Below.


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Everyone wants to be a millionaire, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Who doesn’t want financial security for them and their family? How much more fun would life be if you had full independence over your time and ability to travel? These are the dreams that marketers often target when they set up programs like Cash Formula. In fairness, there are classes and strategies out there that can help, but there are far more that are scams. Continue Reading

Review Of Cobalt Code


Feeling excited about the idea of binary options? Feel it has the potential to change your life once and for all? This attitude is great and will prove useful in the long-run, but what about the software options available ready to assist you in this journey.

Some are good and others not so much.

Cobalt Code is the focus of this review. This is a software option that has been marketed in recent times as a meaningful option for those who want to get started as soon as possible.

Does it do a good job or is it a real scam? This review will shed light on the matter in detail.


  • Free To Use And Download
  • Provides Assistance With Automated Trades
  • Live Binary Signals Are Provided
  • All Currency Pairs Can Be Traded
  • Fully Automated Trading System
  • Simple Interface For All Devices
  • Earn Over $15,000 A Day
  • Created By Grant Stone
  • 1.5% Commission On All Trades
  • Backed By 7000 Beta Testers
  • No Experience Is Required To Run Software

Fake Founder

Grant Stone is the founder with an in-depth story as to how he got to this position and why he made “Cobalt Code”. It sounds nice and he seems passionate about what he is doing. You start to fall for his words slowly and that is exactly what the goal is of this marketing gimmick.

Grant-Stone -cobalt-code

The idea is to present a founder that is believable.

Upon further research, there is no person named Grant Stone and everything he says does not check out. This should immediately showcase the shady qualities of Cobalt Code and the people behind it. Continue Reading

The Quantum Code Is A SCAM!!


Many people are looking for ways to make fast money. So, when a system comes along promising to give you quick cash, without much work, many people end up falling over themselves to get in on a good deal. That’s how Quantum Code is presented, as a good deal. A free software program that can make anyone into a million in a month, on auto-pilot. For a person looking to make real money, quickly, this would appear to be the perfect system. But don’t be fooled. The Quantum Code is really just a system full of exaggerated promises.

If you’re trying to make money in binary options, you should know that many of the programs sold online are created by rip off artists and professional conmen who try to convince people that they can make money with the click of a button. That describes the Quantum Code. But if you take the time to look at the numerous complaints about this program, you’ll see that very few of the people who got the “free” software program made millions. In fact, they didn’t even make hundreds. Most of them lost money. Quantum Code is a scam and this review will help prove it.

What is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is software that analyses the market and scrapes other people’s trades. It then beats the other trader by buying or selling before they do. The software is supposed to leverage the advantage of being able to make the required calculations faster than the other trader.

Supposedly this software was created by a well-known multi-millionaire investor named Michael Crawford.

Who Is Michael Crawford?


In the video, he introduces himself as the guy you’ve read about in Forbes and other financial magazines. Strangely enough, if you go on Forbes you’re not going to find this guy. And I doubt you’ll find him in any other financial magazines. A simple search online will show that Michael Crawford is not listed anywhere as a successful multi-million-dollar investor. Honestly, he’s not really showing up anywhere, other than the Quantum Code. Continue Reading

NavStar Trader: Reviewing This Scam

Why This Article On NavStar Trader?


This article is to warn the public and those who are looking for a trading program that can help them be successful. Too often, companies like NavStar Trader come along and promise the world to neophyte traders who eat up their entire sales pitch. Our goal with this article is to elucidate you on why the NavStar Trader system isn’t any good and why it will not make you rich.

The first thing that we have to say is that the NavStar Trader system is awful for many technical reasons that are not mathematically sound. The win-rate that they suggest is ridiculous, the idea that a black-box system that is open to just about anyone is fool’s gold in its finest form. The truth being that a black box system that could produce the results that they claim would likely take hiring the best mathematicians and quants, and it would be worth at least 12 million dollars based on the win-rate that they promise. Why are the giving a way their 12 million dollar system for pennies?

What NavStar Trader Promises?

NavStar trader promises the mountains and the sea. One promise that they make is that you can easily earn around $900 an hour and 20k in one day. They also promise that they just need 24 more people to fill their 50 spots, yet this is the same message that they basically have every time you visit their site. So is no one signing up or do they never help anyone? They make too many promises but never show any proof of anyone having success with their program. Are there any third party sites, magazines or financial shows that can prove that their program works? If there is I haven’t found them! Why don’t they have this form of proof? It really does make you wonder if they are being honest or not.

Navstar-Trading-Software-Scam Continue Reading

Safeguard Trader Review

Binary options provide millions of dollars in profit for investors. It’s a viable method of earning money, but one that has also attracted scammers eager to rob people of their hard-earned cash.


“Safeguard Trader” is a software that claims to have all the answers. It is a new product that has recently been released into the market.

Is this true? Does it have all the answers?

Let’s take a look at this review to break down the value you will be getting.


  1. Created By David Hefner (Binary Trader)
  2. 100% Wins For All Trades Made
  3. App Is Modernized To Meet All Requirements
  4. $250 Investment Is Required With Broker To Start Up
  5. Easy To Use For All Investors

These are the main features noted for Safeguard Trader and what it brings to the table.

Let’s move onto the pros and cons for those who are thinking about this as a potential option.

Rehearsed Script

There are no pros to this software. This is the first point to note.

It is a legitimate scam and one that is going to be discussed in this review for one and all to see. Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide To Binary Options Trading

binary-options-scamsTrading in binary options is an increasingly popular form of investment. At its heart, it involves trying to predict how the prices of certain assets (including stocks, indices, Forex currencies, and commodities) will change in the future. The name for binary trading comes from the simple yes/no outcome of the predictions involved.

Within a fixed amount of time, an asset’s value is only going to go up or down. The job of the binary trader is to predict which way the value is going to move. Every binary trade is a prediction on whether an individual asset will be worth more or less when the time frame in question comes to an end.

Since binary trading is a form of investment, traders need to back up their predictions with a financial commitment. Successful predictions earn a trader his or her money back along with a slice of profit in the form of a commission.

This page will teach you the basics of binary options trading.

As noted above, every trade on a binary option boils down to forecasting the way a given asset’s value will move in the future — up or down. Besides lending a name to this form of trading, this “yes or no” system also means that the long-term success ratio for a trader operating without any sort of strategy in place will come out close to the break even point of 50 percent. (Functionally, the random trader’s success rate will be somewhat lower due to payout rates. Continue Reading

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