Ryan Jackson Traders Revenge Review – Pure Scam!!


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  • Verdict: 100% Scam Stay Away.
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Ryan Jackson has released a new product according to Traders-Revenge’s page. It sounds like something you might be interested in of course.

Let’s take a look at this product and see if it has value or not.

Is this a scam or something you can get behind and start using for your trading journey? This is the question you are going to have for any product in this industry, and that is a good mindset going into this search.

You always want to be aware. This review will present you with the facts in this read.


  • Free access to the software
  • Created By Ryan Jackson (Experienced Trader)
  • Provides “Special” VIP Access To Leading Broker
  • Promises To Give Consistent Stream Of Income
  • Earn Four Figures A Day With System
  • Online Web App Is Included With Package
  • Updates For Software Are Provided On A Daily Basis
  • Simple To Use For All Traders
  • Automated Software Taking Away Your Stress
  • Online Video Coaching Is Provided With System
  • Detailed Analysis Of The Market Is Provided Along The Way

These are the features included or promised with this software by the founder and the product’s site.

Impossible Claims

It all starts with this con. The claims are absurd and being pulled out of a hat to woo you. They are making claims of four figure a day and that sounds nice because it is impossible to achieve. You are not going to earn that much. In fact, you are not going to earn a penny.

These claims are never true and the moment they use them to pull you in, it is game over.

They have already lost your faith and trusting them is a waste of your time and money. They are not going to be helping you at all.

Copied Site

This is not the first time a site such as this has been put up to market a software product. There are tens of them that look the exact same and you are going to be paying for them. Is that what you are going to fall for?

These are sites that look the same repeatedly becauses that is what they want you to look at all the time. They feel it works, and you should not be a victim of the scam. The website is a copy/paste job by the same scammers with different names.

Unknown Founder From Fiverr


The biggest and worst lie of this product has to be Ryan Jackson. This is the person that is the claimed founder of the product. Well, unfortunately he is not a real person. He is someone that has been hired from Fiverr to do the job of recording a video with a fake script.

This is embarassing for those who can see right through the scam. It is silly to hire someone from Fiverr to do this job as anyone can go and find them. Ryan Jackson is not a real person at all nor are any of his friends that are listed in the video.

Rubbish Software

Immediate Payment Request By Online Broker

They have an online broker that is set up with the software and product. The goal is to get you to set up an account with the online broker and invest money with them. They are going to ask for a minimum payment and then you are going to hand it over to them.

They will state the rest is going to be done by them.

Well, this is true because the rest is going to be done by them. What they will do is run away with your money.

This is what you are investing into.

Non-Existent Customer Service

What about the customer service with this product? Does it do a good job in this regard or does it falter? Well, the customer service is hard to rate when it is not even present. They don’t reply and when they do, it is just a means to haggle you and get an investment to their online broker.

After this, you are not worth much to them, and they will move on.

This is why you can’t rate customer service with scammers who are just looking to make a quick cash grab and then move onto the next target they have on their radar.

No Updates

The updates are promised by the site when you first sign up. You would assume the updates are going to rapidly come in all the time. Well, there hasn’t been an update for years because the same software is being pedalled across tens of products on the market.

What type of updates are they running?

It is an insane marketing pitch that is being made to make it appear as if something legitimate is sold under this brand.

It is the same thing being repackaged and sold again as if it worked the last time it was released!

No Proven Testimonials

Let’s move onto the testimonials. Sometimes, you get lost in the details and forget the software might work. For argument’s sake, let’s assume the website and founder were just a lazy way of setting up things for the product. Let’s imagine it was legitimate.

Why are the testimonials fake then?

This is another sign the product is nothing more than a hoax and a waste of time for those who want to set up a separate income stream in their lives. This is a waste.

Concluding Thoughts


There are some products where the scam starts to radiate from the moment you begin assessing their worth. Well, this is one of those products, and it is distressing to see such a product being sold on the market right now.

Traders-Revenge is a scam and one that should be ignored by everyone.

It serves minimal purpose and is a get-rich plan by those who have set it up.

You want to avoid this immediately and don’t let it get to you.

This is not the product you are looking for and is an easy one to ignore without a doubt.

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