Safeguard Trader Review

Binary options provide millions of dollars in profit for investors. It’s a viable method of earning money, but one that has also attracted scammers eager to rob people of their hard-earned cash.


“Safeguard Trader” is a software that claims to have all the answers. It is a new product that has recently been released into the market.

Is this true? Does it have all the answers?

Let’s take a look at this review to break down the value you will be getting.


  1. Created By David Hefner (Binary Trader)
  2. 100% Wins For All Trades Made
  3. App Is Modernized To Meet All Requirements
  4. $250 Investment Is Required With Broker To Start Up
  5. Easy To Use For All Investors

These are the main features noted for Safeguard Trader and what it brings to the table.

Let’s move onto the pros and cons for those who are thinking about this as a potential option.

Rehearsed Script

There are no pros to this software. This is the first point to note.

It is a legitimate scam and one that is going to be discussed in this review for one and all to see.

The first con would be the rehearsed script that is read by the actors on the front page of their site. This is important to note because it is a given with most scams in this niche.

A few actors are hired to play the role of “founders”, and they will read off a script that is clearly fishy and one that should not be believed.

Now, the actors are great, so that is one thing you can give those who have put together the software. They know how to win people over.

For them, it is a marketing play more than a quality control issue. They want to win you over with the marketing, and it begins with the script that is rehearsed.

When you hear this, the alarm bells should start ringing. You will know it is time to start digging deeper into the fishy marketing gimmick being put in front of you.

Exact Format Used By Other Products

The format has already been used with other products. This should be more than enough to indicate how dubious the claims are and what is being sold. GPS Trader is another product that was released in the niche a few months back and it made the same claims.

The landing page for GPS Trader was the same way. It looked and felt the same as well.

Isn’t this enough to now showcase what Safeguard Trader is all about?

GPS Trader was turned into a scam, and something people put down immediately. The creators have either matched the same formula and put it into their software or are the same scammers who created GPS Trader in the first place.

This is a question that will go unanswered and might require additional research into who is behind the product and what is being offered.

Poor And Aggressive Customer Service

Let’s move onto the customer service for those who do fall for the scam-filled marketing. How is the customer service for those who are going to sign up?

Remember, the goal of scams in this niche is to collect funds from you before doing anything. They want the money to be “deposited” into a broker account for the trading to begin.

They claim until this is done, you won’t be able to use the software.

The customer service displayed by Safeguard Trader is in line with most scammers. They look to force the issue, and as soon as they realize a person is not giving in, they will cut the line and move on.

They are in the business of making money as quickly as possible, and it does not matter what method is used to do the job.

It is essential to think about this as you are going through with the purchase.

It is a bad idea because the customer service alone shows signs of aggression and lack of care. This is a major con in this day and age.

Background Checks Don’t Show Real Person


A background check was run into David Hefner and his team of founders. Are they real people and are their claims feasible?

Before looking into the claims they have made (which are outrageous!), it is best to break down who they are as people.

After running searches to see who they are, these are not real people at all. They are made up characters who have been put together by those who have run scams in the past.

It is the same type of person that is seen all across the world of scams. A wall street trader who makes serious claims about finding a winning system that is going to make millionaires out of those who join in.

Ludicrous Claims Of Monthly Earnings

The claim is you can earn $33,000 per month. Yes, this would mean you could make $396,000 per year for the rest of your life using this software.

It sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?!

Well, the reason they put up such high figures is because they want to woo you into making the purchase.

These claims are far-fetched and being able to guarantee such amounts is absurd even if the software was legitimate. It wouldn’t happen at all.

This is a major issue and another glaring warning about Safeguard Trader and the scam that is being run.

Concluding Thoughts

So, is this a good software to purchase for those who are trading binary options?


Do not purchase this software. It is a downright scam and one that is looking to fleece you as soon as it gets the opportunity.

The system from the wonky website to its nefarious customer service reeks of a scam.

It is a horrible option and should not be used at all. This is a great way to lose money in a matter of seconds.

It is better to look for meaningful options that are available on the market.

Do not waste your money on this!


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