The Profit Hack Binary Bot Review: Is Profit Hack A Scam?

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Binary options really are the current “Wild West” of the trading world. There is opportunity for major profits wherever you turn, so many different ways to go about making that profit, and also unfortunately a lot of scams out there looking to separate hard working individuals from their money. Binary options aren’t a scam in and of themselves.

They are just another way of trading the many very active markets that are out there. There are even automated trading options that can help guide inexperienced traders towards better returns, but this is where many scammers come in with a so called miracle system that is supposedly fool proof but only makes the scammers hacking the product any money.

So what about Profit Hack Binary Bot? Is this one of the programs that holds up to scrutiny, or is it another one that fails to deliver anything but disappointment to trusting buyers?

What Is The Profit Hack?


Profit Hack is the automatic binary trading system put forward by an individual going by the name of Jake Saunders. This system, if you believe the claims, was developed by a 28 year old whiz kid that somehow exploits a loophole no one has seen to help guarantee profits day after day.

The red flag pops up immediately here when no clear or easy to understand explanation is given about how exactly this happens. Some talk about it possibly the timing of the trades while a lot of what is talked about sounds like an arbitrage system, but it would have to be far better than any other similar system ever developed since these are often shut down or made unprofitable within a very short time of discovery.

Who Is Jake Saunders?

Jake Saunders is the name behind the system. Not much is given about the background of the name behind the system, other than supposedly he is only 28 years old and has already “cracked the code” to allow this automated trading system to bring in major profits.

Beyond this it’s hard to find any information and a common red flag that occurs with many scam trading systems also pops up with this one: a Google search doesn’t find anything on this individual. There are plenty of people named Jake Saunders online, but not on the one tied to advanced binary options trading and this system that is being pitched.

Obvious Red Flags Abound

There are many red flags that come up with this system. The first is the fact that the website appears incredibly new – being purchased on July of 2016. While new startups occur all the time, how can thousands upon thousands of people be finding a website that popped up in the middle of the night with a questionable URL, no SEO, and yet this “secret” is found right away by thousands?

That is more than a little fishy. In addition to this, the “live seminar” format doesn’t make sense. There’s a live seminar if you find the website at 8 AM. Or Noon. Or 3 AM. And there are always thousands of people who just happen to be attending the seminar no matter what hour of the day? When do these individuals sleep if they are always having one live seminar after another?

This formatting also brings us up to a whole host of other red flags about this binary options trading system, which includes:

Fake Widgets Used On “Live Seminar”


So keep the seminar up after it has “closed down.” Not only will the numbers at the end of the seminar (“Only 2 spots left!”) not match up to the pop up ad asking for your e-mail address, but the number of attendees to this now closed seminar continues to grow on the side.

Why would people stay on a finished podcast? Why would more people continue to join if it was over? This doesn’t make any sense unless you assume it is all fake, which even a basic investigation seems to

Typing messages in the “live chat” get robotic, strange, and outright ignored comments back which seem to confirm that even that live chat is a fake widget with a variety of pre-programmed responses that get shuffled through. This is extremely dishonest and right away should give you a feeling for the level of trust that you should give to those pitching Profit Hack Binary Bot.

Signing up for the email gets you spammed with responses that even refer to this trading system under a completely different name. It’s almost as if this is a copy and paste scam without the editing to even try to set it apart!

How Exactly Is The System Supposed To Work?

This is perhaps the biggest red flag of them all: the fact that it never comes out clearly and directly to say how the money is made. Even many scams will put out a “Secret formula based on x, y, & z” or give a general idea of what the software is supposed to do or how the math works. This doesn’t happen with this system, which stays as gray about how it works as possible, just insisting with unrealistic profit numbers that it does.

The Final Verdict


There are some high quality trading programs out there, and plenty of software available that will help individuals find more success trading binary options, this is not one of them. If you were thinking about breaking open the wallet to sign up for Profit Hack Binary Bot, don’t. This is a scam to take your money without delivering the results and you can find much better ways to invest your money in the markets.


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