The Quantum Code Is A SCAM!!


Many people are looking for ways to make fast money. So, when a system comes along promising to give you quick cash, without much work, many people end up falling over themselves to get in on a good deal. That’s how Quantum Code is presented, as a good deal. A free software program that can make anyone into a million in a month, on auto-pilot. For a person looking to make real money, quickly, this would appear to be the perfect system. But don’t be fooled. The Quantum Code is really just a system full of exaggerated promises.

If you’re trying to make money in binary options, you should know that many of the programs sold online are created by rip off artists and professional conmen who try to convince people that they can make money with the click of a button. That describes the Quantum Code. But if you take the time to look at the numerous complaints about this program, you’ll see that very few of the people who got the “free” software program made millions. In fact, they didn’t even make hundreds. Most of them lost money. Quantum Code is a scam and this review will help prove it.

What is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is software that analyses the market and scrapes other people’s trades. It then beats the other trader by buying or selling before they do. The software is supposed to leverage the advantage of being able to make the required calculations faster than the other trader.

Supposedly this software was created by a well-known multi-millionaire investor named Michael Crawford.

Who Is Michael Crawford?


In the video, he introduces himself as the guy you’ve read about in Forbes and other financial magazines. Strangely enough, if you go on Forbes you’re not going to find this guy. And I doubt you’ll find him in any other financial magazines. A simple search online will show that Michael Crawford is not listed anywhere as a successful multi-million-dollar investor. Honestly, he’s not really showing up anywhere, other than the Quantum Code.

So, who is he? Michael Crawford is mostly likely an actor. Is he a scam artist? Who knows. If he’s not, he was paid by scam artists to make you believe that he could make you rich. He shows you a plane that he doesn’t own to makes you believe he’s successful. He was paid to make you hand over your money and get nothing of value in return.

But Will Quantum Code Work?


The main problem with this system is that there’s no guarantee that the trader the auto-trade system is following knows what they’re doing. If the trader you’re following places a losing trade, then so will you. You’ll lose money, just like him. So, there’s a huge risk when following a random trader.

In the video and on the website, there is no information about how the software analyzes the traders that are followed or if it just does a random pick. Either way, people make mistakes. The only problem is if you’re auto-trading based on faulty information, you’re the one losing money. This system uses other trader’s predictions, but that’s no guarantee of success.

The other problem with the system is that since the system copies a trader’s trades, it can only be effective if you are able to place the trade first. That’s the only way for you to beat them. So how can they guarantee that you’ll always strike first? They can’t. That’s why the system won’t work. Even if you follow an experienced trader, you could lose if they have an off day. Why would you put your money in the hands of a stranger? That’s essentially what you’re doing.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has issued a fraud advisory against binary options systems like these. Many of these programs are rigged so that the software will always generate a losing trade. The scammer is never at risk because their software program ensures that your money will go into their pockets. So even if you do everything right, the software developers can make you lose money anytime they want to.

But What About the Testimonials?


Just like Michael Crawford the testimonials are fake. Actors can be bought for as little as $5 on Fiverr, although these scammers may have paid a little more for a quality performance. The people in the video did not make money using the system, they made their money making the video. Don’t trust testimonials that are too good to be true because they usually are. You won’t get rich using this system, you’ll just end up losing your money.

But it’s Free?

Michael claims that you can get started with Quantum Code with no investment. You should be started to wonder how a system that requires no investment to make millions of dollars every month can have any spots left.

Although the software is “free”. In order to use the software, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 to activate your Auto Trader account. That sounds like an investment. While technically you’re not “buying” the software, the fact that you have to pay to use it means you’re investing in the program.

One problem that some people encounter with programs like this is that they often have problems getting their money back after they invest. The binary option scammers are known to refuse to reimburse funds after an investor cancels their account. So if you’ve already invested in a system like this, stop putting money in the account.

The fact that they try to get people to try their software by claiming to be giving it away for free and them tacking on a condition is the classic sign of a scam. This is how they hook you, free software, and then reel you in and take your money.

A Millionaire in A Month?

Michael claims that you can make $10 to $100K per day with Quantum Code. While there is a vast amount of money to be made in binary options, those numbers are extremely realistic. Even if you’ve just started trading you know that that you’re not going to make that much from a $250 account. Even if you invested the whole balance you could not reach that level, especially in a month.

To make money with binary options you need to know what you’re doing. You need to have a strategy that uses known indicators. You need to know what’s going on around the world because a natural disaster, or a change in some unknown country’s economy, could affect your trades. This is not something that a robot software program like Quantum Code can do. Even if it’s following someone with this knowledge, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll be able to make money on the trade.

Let’s Be Honest

If this was the real deal, how long do you think any slot in this program would last. Why would it take more than a day to give away 20 pieces of software that could make someone rich in a month? If this was real, they’d be fighting people off with a stick. The reason they have slots available is because there are no slots.

Quantum Code will never sell out as long as the scammers are making money. Hopefully, this review will stop you from handing over your hard earned cash. If you were taken in by this scam, don’t feel bad, these are sophisticated con men who promote this offer through affiliate markets. You get bombarded with information, from websites that are not transparent about their purpose. Bad review sites and fake testimonials are made to lure you in.

This review is meant to keep you informed so that you know how to keep your money safe. Michael Crawford, The Quantum Code, and their Auto Trader account has been proven to be a scam.


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