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Everyone wants to be a millionaire, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Who doesn’t want financial security for them and their family? How much more fun would life be if you had full independence over your time and ability to travel? These are the dreams that marketers often target when they set up programs like Cash Formula. In fairness, there are classes and strategies out there that can help, but there are far more that are scams.

While binary options trading and binary options programs do offer some really unique opportunities when it comes to trading for profit, consumers need to be wary. There’s more than one way for a scam to rip you off, and the binary options are often described as the “Wild Wild West” of the financial world because of how little supervision and regulation exists in the market.

So when Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula comes up, you need to be wary and see if it holds up to the claims that it makes or if it is another one of those programs that you need to be wary of. Read on to find out how this program works.

What Are Binary Options?

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The first step is to understand what binary options are and how they work. Trading in these markets means looking at trending movements and profits and making a bet that pays off in proportion to risk. However, any bet that is lost will also result in losing the entire amount put down for that trade. This means making the majority of trades successfully is absolutely crucial to success.

Enter a wide number of formulas or automated software that claims to make the process impossible to screw up. There is always a secret formula or some secret math that somehow a world full of economists and mathematicians can’t figure out.

If this sounds familiar, you may have already watched the video for Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula.

What Is Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula?

The Cash Formula is a system being pitched by (allegedly) Tim Stafford who talks about having a top secret formula some mysterious mentor granted him seven years ago. This was a formula that was the secret behind “The Cartel” being able to control all of the world’s top currency markets at a whim.

The assumption is that they can then locate natural “money trends” and “money waves” that are going to show up in at least one market somewhere before jumping to another. This is making a giant assumption in that it assumes the economy is always controlled by the biggest players – and that doesn’t take into account random events or the unpredictable side of human nature.

However this is a “free” trading platform put forward by Tim Stafford as being a way for a few limited “common people” to get access to this secret and join the top 1% after making their futures.

Who Is Tim Stafford?

Tim Stafford is a financial specialist who gained access to this amazing secret cash program that makes making money online effortless. He claims to be a multi-millionaire with an unlimited amount of income available because of this system and he is going to pass it on to just a few lucky individuals.


At least that is what the actor in the video claims. A simple Google search finds a Christian author and musician, insurance agent, student, pastor, surfboard manufacturer, and a discharged National Guardsman – but yet this wildly successful big name in finances has no footprint at all in the online world? Not likely!

What Claims Are Made?

Many major claims are made when it comes to this system. The first off is that the entire program is based off of sharing a formula “responsible” for billions of dollars and transforming lives. The idea here is that Tim has spent years helping others to become rich and now this program is the “Last Time” he is going to try to help people by sharing it and once that’s over, this program is done.


A counter appears on the major sales videos claiming many people are watching the video and going to “take your place,” and there are always thousands of them even in the early A.M. hours of the mornings, if you believe that.


If you refresh the page the counter reset’s to 10 min again.

This system is supposed to be your ability to fight back against the 1% who apparently spend all their money rigging the system and putting people like you down for some reason, as opposed to using that secret system they have to make even more money.

What About The Testimonials?

Where to start on this one. First of all, getting fake testimonials is as easy as finding a few actors who want a role or a few normal people off the street who are willing to read lines for $100. Based on the really unauthentic lines and stiff delivery of many of these, you’d have to have an unreasonable amount of faith to believe any of them were true.


Some of the acting is just really atrocious – you can tell these aren’t natural things to say or that the person is really stilted or coached in delivering their lines. None of it seems natural at all, and the body language only gives away that fact.

When “Free” Isn’t Free

The program might supposedly be free, but you always need to put money into an account to get started, and the way binary options and Forex trading works is that someone has to be on the other side of the account when a trade is put out. If the person who creates a trading formula that doesn’t really work, like say hypothetically one called “Cash Formula,” then you losing money works great for the broker on the other side, which is owned by the company behind that trading software.

Money still needs to be spent, put up, and it will be lost. That’s how these work to fleece people of their money and suddenly you find yourself $250 or $500 down despite committing to this “free” program.

The Numbers Are Too Good To Be True


This also brings up a serious question from the claims made in the video when it comes to numbers. They’re too good to be true. If $2,000 can become millions of dollars in a year for every single trader every single time, then why wouldn’t millionaires put down $100 million and become trillionaires?

The numbers are ally ridiculous when you think about it, and if they were this consistent, the speed at which millionaires would become billionaires and billionaires would hit unheard of amounts of wealth would be so far beyond what actually exists in the real world.

So What Is The Final Verdict?


This video is full of fear selling. Serious fear based advertising in the video comes right off the bat with: “Chances of becoming rich dwindling away and you’re powerless,” scene early on with fire burning hundred dollar bills.

The entire video is set up in a classic sales pitch of “It’s them versus you,” added to “It’s not your fault,” and “You don’t have any more time to waste because this is your last chance.” Those three phrases/selling philosophies definitely work to push the hard sell, but they’re definitely red flags when looking at a video course.

The arguments in the video are really questionable, and quite frankly, this is a program that looks, sounds, and smells like a scam. Distract, prey on fear, and push with a “free” program that actually profits the individuals behind it. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for it.


Don’t be yet another victim of Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Scam.


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